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JBL Creature II Speaker System

Ever wonder what it's like to listen to music from another planet? Now here's your chance. The JBL Creature II 2.1 speaker system seems like it's straight from one of those old sci-fi flicks.

The JBL Creature IIs aren't just for show, though. They are packed with clean bass, powerful treble, and excellent satellites. Although the satellites are small, they provide full, undistorted sound. The speaker system includes an omni-directional subwoofer, complete with bass and treble level adjustments right on the front.

One of the interesting features of the Creature II set is the touch sensitive volume control. It reminds me of the 3 rd generation iPod buttons. Just push the + or - buttons to raise or lower the volume. After you push the button, a mild click sounds, confirming that you have modified the volume. To mute the speakers, all you have to do is push both of the buttons a the same time. Do the same to unmute the speakers.

One of the cosmetic features of the system that I personally like is the small LED light under each satellite, showing that the satellites are receiving power. This comes in handy during setup so you can confirm that you have set up the system correctly.

It's easy to setup the system since everything is color-coded. There are three ports on the back of the subwoofer, a green one for the line in, an orange one for one satellite, and a brown one for the other. Since everything is attached to the subwoofer, it allows cable management to be a little easier.

Paired with cool looks, excellent bass, and a small price tag, the Creature II speaker system is a winner.

Pros: Great bass, full sound, little distortion, cool looks, inexpensive

Cons: Adjusting the volume makes a clicking sound, bass and treble adjustment dials seem to be mislabeled for the direction

MB Buying Advice: At only $100, this value-priced 2.1 speaker system packs a great bang for your buck.

Posted by: MacBrilliance News Staff on Dec 19, 04 | 10:24 pm