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iSkin ProTouch XT Keyboard Cover

For those of you who were angered when you couldn't use your old keyboard cover with your new keyboard, let the hostility cease. Now, there is an affordable and innovative solution, the iSkin ProTouch XT keyboard cover.

iSkin has done it again. Another great product. The ProTouch XT is made from a thin but durable silicone-like material, the same as all of iSkin's other products. This keyboard cover fits perfectly onto the keyboard that came with my iMac. It covers the entire thing, and is not too obtrusive while I'm typing. The characters on the keys are highly visible while the cover is on; so don't fret if you are hunt-and-peck typist.

I used to have an older Apple Pro Keyboard, so I purchased a Fellows keyboard cover. It worked, but it was nothing special. About three months after I purchased my keyboard cover, Apple replaced my iMac. I was unaware that Apple had changed the keyboard layout, so I thought I would just use my old cover. First off, that cover was hard to take off since it used an adhesive to attach itself to the keyboard. I was mad when I paid all of that money, and I couldn't use it with my new keyboard. To top it off, adhesive marks were left all over my old keyboard. With the iSkin ProTouch XT, some of those problems have been eliminated. It's easily removed, and does not require any adhesive, Velcro, etc. to stay on the keyboard. Second, it works with Apple's new wired and wireless keyboards, so if you have both, you can use the same cover.

This keyboard cover is basically perfect, except for two things. First, it seems like dirt, oil, and debris get stuck to the cover. You would think that it would repel those kind of things. To fix that, I could just wash it in some dishwashing liquid, but that's tedious. The other problem is that the edges on mine just don't want to stay down. I guess with a little more use, they'll start to stick.

Pros: Durable, non-obtrusive, inexpensive, thin, sticks to keyboard, comes in different colors, perfectly fits new Apple keyboards

Cons: Debris stick to typing side of cover, certain parts don't want to stick to the keyboard

MB Buying Advice: This is a great keyboard cover for Apple's new keyboards. At $30, it's the best investment you'll make into your keyboard.

Posted by: MacBrilliance News Staff on Oct 23, 04 | 10:30 pm