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iSkin Evo2 and RadTech PodSleevz iPod Cases

We have evaluated both of these cases, and we found them to be very competitive. They both have their pros and their cons, but a remarkably good iPod cases.

iSkin Evo2:
iSkin really did a great job with the latest version of their iPod skin. It covers the whole iPod, except the screen, scroll wheel, two little cutouts in the top, and the holes in the back. For the screen, iSkin includes a clear, plastic screen saver with six soft pegs, so that it stays in place without scratching the screen.

The cutouts are for access to the hold switch and the headphone port, and the holes on the back are for ventilation. Also to aid ventilation, are four pegs which slightly raise the iPod off of a surface. For the dock connector, iSkin has implemented a little flap which bends to allow access to the dock connector. The downside is, that you cannot use the iPod with the dock while it is in the case. Instead, you have to use the dock connector cable to charge and update your iPod. That's inconvenient for those of you who use the dock, but for most people, it won't be a major problem.

Getting the skin on is a bit of a hassle, too. You have to fit it through the screen opening in the skin, then try to slide it down to the bottom. It's also a pain to apply the screen cover. You have to slide the edges under the skin, then try to fit the other side of it under the skin, then slide into place. Once on, the skin and screen cover fit perfectly into place. Judging by how hard it is to apply and remove the skin, it's would be almost impossible for it to accidentally come off.

One thing which is interesting about this skin is the way the belt clip works. A circular plate with two pegs is placed inside the skin, and the belt clip is attached to the pegs by swiveling the clip certain ways. iSkin provides detailed instructions on how to properly install the belt clip, so don't worry about installation. The only thing I dislike about the clip is that the plate offsets some of the openings in the skin and the openings aren't quite the perfect fit on the iPod. Despite that, it's a great iPod skin.

Pros: Durable, flexible, covers all vital parts of the iPod, unique belt clip, reasonably priced

Cons: A pain to get on and off, belt clip offsets openings

RadTech PodSleevz:
RadTech also did an excellent job on the latest version of their PodSleevz. The PodSleevz are also made out of RadTech's exclusive material, Optex, just like their iMac ScreenSavRz. This case covers a large portion of the iPod, but lacks to cover the dock port and the top of the iPod.

RadTech left a die cutout for the dock port, instead of creating a protective flap, so debris and other things are more likely to collect in the dock port. The dock port coves shipped covered, so you'd need to cut it with a utility knife t gain access to the dock port.They left the top uncovered because in all reality, you wouldn't be able to get the iPod in the case without the opening. It was the best choice for the placement of the opening, though, because the iPod would be least likely to fall out of the top of the case.

For screen protection, RadTech attached a piece of vinyl to the case. This is permanently attached to the case and cannot be removed without possible damage to the case. The downside to this method is that the vinyl sticks to the iPod's screen, and it causes an temporary impression like a finger print on the screen. It's not really a nuisance, but it can be slightly irritating to some people.

Unlike the iSkin, the PodSleevz completely cover the click wheel. Over each button, there is an embossed impression of play, next, previous, and menu symbols. This helps if you still have not memorized which button is which on you iPod, and you want to provide protection to the click wheel. RadTech is offering a great case for your iPod.

Pros: Covers majority of iPod, made of Optex material, can clean off iPod, screen cover attached

Cons: Screen protector sticks to screen, opening in top, dock port isn't fully protected if you use the dock cable while the iPod is in the case

MB Buying Advice: Each case offers stiff competition against the other. I personally like the iSkin better because of the unique way the screen cover was implemented, and it seems like it's lees likely for my iPod to fall out of the iSkin than if it was in the PodSleevz It's highly unlikely that it would fall out of either, but the iSkin gives me some extra piece of mind. Don't get me wrong on this, your iPod is not going to fall out of either of these cases. The thing is, the PodSleevz's design allows for a higher probability for this to happen. What it really comes down to, is if you want a cloth case or a silicone skin, and the price you're willing to spend. You'll be happy with either of these excellent cases.

Posted by: MacBrilliance News Staff on Oct 09, 04 | 11:09 pm