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Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

When I first saw this bag after it was delivered, my first thought was, "Wow, this is huge!" Well, it really is huge. The Dee Dog sized (large) Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag will fit almost everything you'd ever need to carry with you. It can fit all of the books I need for the day, a keyboard, a few hard drives, and a ream of paper, all at the same time! I don't know why you would want to carry all of those things at the same time, but I was curious to see how big this thing really was.

What's interesting about Timbuk2's messenger bags is that they're custom made. You can choose between two different fabrics, several different colors per bag section (there are three), and various other options. The bag builder was extremely easy to use, and it makes you feel like you've created a work of art. In every sense of the word, the bag is a work of art. In person, it's a great looking bag, with the custom colors and accessories.

The messenger bag features several zippered compartments on the inside, one which includes a key ring hook on a string, and another that has a clear vinyl window, presumably to carry your ID in. There are plenty of compartments to store cash, keys, and other odds and ends. The interior is lined with vinyl for waterproofing purposes, and is colored with a medium shade of gray. On the outside, there are removable reflectors, and another zippered compartment. One feature unique to Timbuk2's bags is the quick adjust strap. It allows you to quickly adjust the length of the shoulder strap (hence the name). Timbuk2 also includes a smaller waist strap which helps to stabilize the bag while you're wearing it. The only thing I dislike about the shoulder strap is that it doesn't include any padding. When you have the bag filled with books, it weighs a ton. It's not very comfortable to wear it like that without any padding. Luckily, Timbuk2 offers a $10 shoulder strap pad. With the strap pad, discomfort while wearing the bag ceases to exist. It's absolutely worth the $10 price tag.

The materials used to construct this bag are extremely durable. I have had numerous other bags where the fabric would start to pull within the first week of use. On this bag, it has not experienced any damage, despite being roughed up daily. After getting this bag, I'll never have to buy another bag for the next decade. When the decade passes, my next bag will definitely be another Timbuk2 bag.

Pros: Durability, many compartments, ample storage capacity, quick adjust shoulder strap

Cons: A little pricey, doesn't include shoulder strap pad.

MB Buying Advice: If you have money to burn on a great bag, by all means buy it. Purchasing the shoulder strap pad is a must for maximum comfort and pleasure with your new messenger bag. Commuters, students, bikers, hikers, paper boys, etc.: this is the bag for you.

Posted by: MacBrilliance News Staff on Oct 01, 04 | 11:12 pm